Outreach Materials

Pollinator Guideline Book - This guideline book goes into even further detail on planning and conducting a successful pollinator project.  

Fact Sheets

These can be printed front and back for younger audiences or printed just the front for only the fact sheet.

Bob-White Quail
Greater Sage Grouse
Morning Dove
Prairie Chicken
Ruffed Grouse
Sharptail Grouse


The following curriculum is available for your chapter to use in conjunction with your Pollinator Project.  

Gardens Curriculum - Free curriculum designed for grades K-12
Natures Partners Pollinator Curriculum - Free curriculum designed for grades 3-6
Omaha Zoo Butterfly Curriculum - Free curriculum designed for grades 3-6
Monarch Lesson Plans and Curriculum - Free curriculum designed for grades K-6 (University of MN)
Pollinator Habitat Guide - Free curriculum designed for grades K-12

Hands-On Educational Activities

These hands-on activities were designed to be used in conjunction with your Pollinator Habitat Project.  Each activity comes with instructions and list of materials needed to conduct the activity. 

Pollinator Free Pizza - This activity demonstrated how important pollinators are to producing the main ingredients in pizza.
Pollinator Free Tacos - This activity demonstrates how important pollinators are to producing the main ingredients in tacos.  
Pollinator Free Sandwiches - This activity demonstrates how important pollinators are in producing the main ingredients in a cold cut sandwich. 
Pollinator Free Ice Cream Sundae - This activity demonstrates how important pollinators are to producing the main ingredients in an ice cream sundae.
Building a Native Bee Nesting Block - This activity provides instructions on how to build a native bee nesting block (power tools required).
Building a Native Bee Tunnel Nest - This activity provides instructions on how to build a native bee tunnel nest (no power tools required). 
Plant ID Activity - This activity is a fun plant ID contest designed to teach participants the common name of native plants.  
Pollinator Seed Ball Activity - This hands-on activity provides instructions on how to make seed balls.
Predator Prey Game - This is a  fast-paced activity that teaches participants about the predator/prey relationship and how important quality habitat is to the survival of prey species.
Un-Natural Nature Hike - This ia fun activity for all ages that teaches participants the common names of local flora and fauna.  
Butterfly Clothespin Activity - This activity is well suited for young participants. It is a great way to let them bring back habitat to plant!

Coloring Sheets

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